Graduate School Of Natural And Applied Sciences ENERGY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING

Qualification Awarded

Specific Admission Requirements

Qualification Requirements

Recognition of Prior Learning


Profile of the Programme

Program Outcomes

1- Improve university-industry cooperation in the energy field
2- Related to the field section to cooperate with domestic and overseas partners to develop strategies and projects.
3- Know and apply the principles of quality and productivity in business.
4- Individual and as a team member to take responsibility, open-minded, open to criticism, constructive and self-confidence to own, operate efficiently and effectively.
5- The region's energy resources and economy very well acquainted, both local and global thinking, to apply what is learned.
6- To comply with interdisciplinary work.
7- Energy required by the field-level computer programs to use.

Exam Regulations & Assesment & Grading

Graduation Requirements

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Access to Further Studies

Mode of Study

Programme Director

Prof.Dr. Tayfun BÜKE

ECTS Coordinator

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

1. Year - 1. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7
Scientific Research Techniques and Publishing Ethics       
Engineering Mathematics4444444
Advanced Thermodynamics4444444
Energy Management in Industry4444444
Operational Research in Energy Systems4444444
Geothermal Energy and Applications4444444
Economy of Power Systems4444444
Nuclear Reactor Dynamics4444444
Advanced Composite Materials4444444
Internal Combustion Engines4444444
Exergy Analysis of Thermal Systems4444444
Heat Exchangers and Technology4444444
Natural Gas Application Systems4444444
Solar Energy and Systems       
Fusion Energy-I4444444
Specialization Field Course       
1. Year - 2. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7
Advanced Fluid Mechanics4444444
Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer4444444
Specific Issues in Energy Science and Technologies4444444
Energy Resources and Sustainability       
Energy Systems Modelling and Simulation4444444
Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics4444444
Radiation Protection4444444
Advanced Finite Elements Method4444444
Alternative fuels in I.C. engines4444444
Exergoeconomic modeling of Renewable Energy Resources4444444
Advanced Thermal Insulation Applications4444444
Energy Efficiency and Management4444444
Wind Energy Conversion Systems4444444
Fusion Energy-II4444444
Specialization Field Course       
2. Year - 1. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7
Thesis Work        
Specialization Field Course       
2. Year - 2. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7
Specialization Field Course       

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