Institute of Health Sciences Health Management

Qualification Awarded

Master of Science

Specific Admission Requirements

Qualification Requirements

Students graduate in accordance with regulations of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Graduate Directory

Recognition of Prior Learning

Candidate students must have a bachelor's degree from any department of at least four years' faculties.


Department of Hospital and Health Management has started it's postgraduate education program within The Institute of Medical Sciences in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University at the 2013-2014 academic education period.

Profile of the Programme

To educate Health Management experts who are open to new developments in this area, able to communicate with other health care workers, able to work independently, able to work others in a coordinated manner, have job responsibility, open minded, intellectual, and reliant on ethical issues by providing universal and updated Health Management education.

Program Outcomes

1- To have knowledge about theoretical and practical information related to the field of health facilities management and to be able to implement this knowledge
2- To gain knowledge and skills on understanding, analyzing and directing administrative, financial, technical and medical process of health organizations
3- To understand basic elements and characteristics of health system and to understand to analyze health policy
4- To have knowledge and skills about manage to health facilities information system and having the ability to use this system.
5- To analyze health sector economic and financially and be able to use this result of analysis.
6- During Health Facilities Management process, having the ability to use scientific methods and technics in decision making and problem solving
7- To continuously improve their professional knowledge and skills, to be open to innovation and lifelong learning in the field of Health Facilities management.

Exam Regulations & Assesment & Grading

The evaluation criteria for the exams are set by the instructor which are in accordance with the current university regulations for education.

Graduation Requirements

Students graduate in accordance with regulations of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Graduate Directory

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Graduates can work in executive positions at various levels of the health sector. Ministry of Health of the central and provincial organizations, private and public hospitals, the Social Security Institution, private insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations can work.

Access to Further Studies

The students who successfully obtained a Master of Science Degree without Thesis are not allowed to pass to Doctarate programme.

Mode of Study

Master of Science

Programme Director

Associate Prof.Dr. Ömer GİDER

ECTS Coordinator

Asist Prof.Dr. Tuncay KÖSE

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

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