Admission and Registration

The registration procedures of the freshmen to various departments and programmes of the University are carried out at the registration offices of the faculties and schools with the coordination of the Registrar's Office. Students are provided in advance with all the instructive documents and forms needed for registration. 

For all departments in the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the School of Physical Education and Sports, as well as for the departments of Painting-Crafts Education and Music Education, applicants should also pass specific competency exams set by the University, testing their skills in the respective fields. 

To begin graduate studies at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, all applicants are required to take the Entrance Examination for Postgraduate Education held nationwide and hold an acceptable grade from one of the foreign language proficiency examinations. In addition, each department establishes its own criteria for admission. 

Current students are required to re-register at the beginning of each semester within the period stated in the academic calendar. Students can also do the reregistration and course enrolment procedures online, logging onto their account. Students are obliged to pay the education fees determined yearly by the Council of Ministers.

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