Cost of Living
Estimated living expenses for international students are minimally 350 € to 500 € per month. However, cost of living may depend on the city. Living cost in major big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir would be relatively higher than other smaller cities. However, away from the expensive cities, main tourism resorts and the madding crowds, the day to day cost of living is incredibly affordable.    
The average monthly wage in Turkey is not high when compared to the average in Europe, which means that correspondingly, essentials such as basic food stuffs, electricity and water are reasonably cheap.  Any fruit or  vegetable in season is likely to be cheap across Turkey – even in Istanbul or in the main resorts – becauseTurkey is such a large agricultural producer and the variety and quality of fresh produce in the many markets across the country is generally exceptional as well.  
Eating out in Turkey can be incredibly inexpensive - so much so that for some people it’s cheaper than cooking!  To eat cheaply and well go to restaurants frequented by local people or go to those serving local Turkish food.  Public transportation is convenient in all cities and relatively cheap. The inter-city transportation is also quite inexpensive and comfortable –international students may use the term breaks or other official holidays to explore the country.   
The only things that may cost higher than many countries in Europe are international phone calls and petrol.  


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