Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University offers students a variety of lunching and dining facilities conveniently located throughout the campus. Food services are organized or supervised by the Health, Sports and Cultural Activities Office.

Sıtkı Koçman Catering Hall, built on an 8,000 square meters area, is the main catering facility on the campus. With its architectural design, scenic mountain view, service style, wide variety of quality food, table d'hote and a la carte lunch salons, resting lobbies and exhibiton foyer, it has a distinguished place among its peers in other universities. Students are offered healthy, tasty and reasonably priced food with different serving styles in this catering hall with 1,200 seating capacity.

Karya Kapı Cafeteria is another large catering hall on campus run by a private company, which serves breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. All sorts of freshly cooked dishes, fast food, hot/cold beverages, traditional buns, pastries, cakes and desserts are prepared daily on the premise, where students can also share their leisure time by chatting, watching big screen TV, buying and reading newspapers/magazines.

Mavi Çatı Student Cafeteria, run by a private company, serves students and staff between 07:30 and 22:00 on weekdays. Mavi Çatı Cafeteria is a highly preferred place by the students thanks to such facilities as fast food unit service hot/cold food and beverages of many kinds, shop, TV room, game rooms, music box, and copy room. The Cafeteria is also used for hosting tea parties, freshmen meetings, music and entertainment nights, and concerts organized by the students.

Türk Evi Cafeteria, which was built in 2002 to reflect the local architecture of Mugla and to present a home-like environment, serves mostly the dishes of traditional Turkish cuusine.

Geçit Cafeteria is another catering facility, run by a private company. It has also fast food, hot/cold food and beverages and highly preferred by the students.

Most faculties and schools have their own canteens or cafeterias run by either the University or private firms. They all cater for the basic daily needs (sandwiches, beverages, market products etc.) for students and staff, besides offering facilities to conveniently spend leisure time.

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