Marmaris Tourism Vocational School Programme of Tourism Guidance

Qualification Awarded

Program courses (a total of 120 ECTS) are awarded by Undergraduate Students successfully completing the Tourism Guidance Program.

Specific Admission Requirements

Transition to Higher Education Exam (YGS) Students who pass the audition and then be entitled to read.

Qualification Requirements

No part of the program, students must take in order to obtain a degree in the compulsory and elective courses (a total of 120 ECTS credits) and successfully complete all cumulative grade point average of 4.00 must have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Recognition of Prior Learning

And foreign higher education institutions in Turkey Mugla University, Marmaris Tourism Vocational School for students who wish to transfer to Higher Education Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs Level Switch, Double Major, Minor and apply the provisions of the Regulation on the Principles of Inter-Institutional Credit Transfer.


In 2012 Marmaris Vocational School was established İçmeler Marmaris.

Profile of the Programme

The aim of the programme is, after a one year optional English preparatory school, to give the required professional information, thus to equip the students with all the the basic information related with the tourism sector and send them with all these information after their education to the professional life. During the education it has been given a special importance to the foreign languages. Students are taking many other courses which they will require during their professional life (Tourist Guiding, Anatolian Civilisations, Mythology, Tourism Geography of Turkey, First Aid, etc.) from experienced and expert teachers. In order to take the Proffessional Tourist Guide licence, the graduade students must join TUREB (Tourist Guide Assosiation)’s Anatolia tour and have to pass the YDS exam at least 75point.

Program Outcomes

1- The complete knowledge of tourism.
2- The knowledge of the geography of Turkey and the ability of explaining these to the tourists.
3- The knowledge of archeology and the ability of explaining these to the tourists.
4- The ability of decision making about the possible problems during the excursions and managing them.
5- The complete knowledge of the flora of Turkey and the ability of explaining these to the tourists.
6- The knowledge of good manner and ethic values, the ability of behaving accordingly.
7- The knowledge of legal rules of tourism and tourist guiding.
8- The knowledge of all ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments of Turkey and the ability of explaining these to the tourists
9- The detailed knowledge of the historical and cultural values of Turkey and the ability of explaining these to the tourists.
10- The knowledge of the sociological structure of tourism and tourist psychology and the ability of serving the tourists according their expectations.
11- The knowledge of tourism and environment relationship and related environmental protection applications.
12- The ability of professional speaking in Turkish and at least two foreign languages.
13- The knowledge of the establishment of the republic and Atatürk's principles and revolutions.

Exam Regulations & Assesment & Grading

The program learning outcomes test substances need to be fulfilled.

Graduation Requirements

To complete the program successfully passed all the courses in the program and complete at least 120 of ECTS and the overall academic average must be at least 2.00 out of 4.00.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Students after finishing the tourist guiding program, may work freelence or employed at the travel agencies througout all Turkey, by using their knowledge, which they get during their education at the school. Some of them also find the opportunity to work as tour leader with the outgoing groups..

Access to Further Studies

The graduated students can make application for licence program.

Mode of Study

Vocational School

Programme Director

Specialist ZEHRA TÜRK

ECTS Coordinator


Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

0 - Etkisi Yok, 1 - En Düşük, 2 - Düşük, 3 - Orta, 4 - Yüksek, 5 - En Yüksek

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