Institute of Social Sciences Master of Science (MSc) Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Qualification Awarded

Graduate Degree of master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Specific Admission Requirements

Graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Tourism and Tourism Management and Hotel Management and graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and all departments of the Faculty of Health Management with a score of at least 65 (ALES) according to the points of entry in the undergraduate programs

Qualification Requirements

To have successfully completed each courses with at least CC grade level which are totally 120 ECTS in Master's program and at least at the CC grade level and to accept the master's thesis

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students are admitted to the quota determined by the lateral transfer programs and academic success.


The master's program (with thesis) on Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been offered to students in the fall semester as of 2018-2019 academic year, depending on the Institute of Social Sciences.

Profile of the Programme

The Department of Modernity and Entrepreneurship is a master's program with a thesis which includes courses such as innovation, creativity, world economy and research techniques that prepare students according to the needs of the business life of their time.

Program Outcomes

1- Has a comprehensive and systematic knowledge of concepts, theories, principles and facts in his / her field and near disciplines.
2- Have knowledge about internal and external environmental factors of the organizations in the field, the parts of the organization and their relations with each other and their interactions, management, policies and strategies.
3- Has knowledge about legal regulations, occupational standards and practices in his / her field.
4- To be able to plan, organize, coordinate, direct and control functions related to the field.
5- Analyzes, plans, implements, controls and reorganizes and processes service delivery processes when necessary.
6- Uses the service policies and strategies related to the field, fulfills the service processes in a manner that satisfies the consumer, reviews, develops, evaluates, finds solutions to problems that will affect the service process and develops and uses consumer satisfaction measuring tools
7- Plans and conducts researches using appropriate research methods in relation to his / her field and issues, and presents the results clearly and clearly.
8- Recognizes, uses and maintains the physical environment, tools and technologies related to the field.
9- Analyze the information by using techniques known in the field of the problems, critically evaluate the different options in solving problems and solves unforeseen and complex problems.
10- Follow the developments and applications in the field and use them in applications.
11- Works as a team member, takes responsibility and leads the team.
12- Manages technical and professional activities or projects in complex and unpredictable situations related to the field
13- Communicates in a foreign language at least at the level of B1 at European Language Portfolio.
14- Uses information and communication technologies together with computer software at the Advanced Level of European Computer Driving License required by the field.
15- Adheres to the ethical values ??of the field and has social responsibility.

Exam Regulations & Assesment & Grading

The mid-term and final exams that are applied to the students during the semester, as well as the applications, projects, presentations and thesis studies are evaluated in determining the graduation status.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, students must complete the courses, seminars and master's thesis mentioned in the curriculum.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Students who graduate from the Master Program can be employed as academicians in universities and vocational high schools when they meet the other requirements, and they can be employed in related companies and departments of the sector.

Access to Further Studies

Candidates who have successfully completed the Master's program can continue their doctoral programs in this area if they meet the required conditions.

Mode of Study

To provide students with the necessary knowledge and competence in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Programme Director


ECTS Coordinator


Course Structure Diagram with Credits

1. Year - 1. Term
1. Year - 2. Term
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Course Type Theory Practice ECTS Print
YEG 5090 Seminar Required 0 2 6
YEG 5502 Qualitative Research Methods Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5504 Quantitative Research Methods Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5506 Asset Management Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5508 Interdisciplinary Approaches in Innovation Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5510 Innovative Thinking and Strategic Management Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5512 Business Budgets and Financing Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5514 Project Management and Finance Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5516 Innovation Systems and Country Experiences Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5518 Service Marketing Management and Innovation Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5520 Innovation Management in the Digital Age Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5522 World Economy and Globalization Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5524 Organization Theory Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5526 Business Models Elective 3 0 6
YEG 5702 Specialization Field Course Required 4 0 6
2. Year - 1. Term
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Course Type Theory Practice ECTS Print
YEG 5000 Thesis Required 0 0 24
YEG 5703 Specialization Field Course Required 4 0 6
2. Year - 2. Term
Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Course Type Theory Practice ECTS Print
YEG 5000-1 Thesis Required 0 0 24
YEG 5704 Specialization Field Course Required 4 0 6

Evaluation Questionnaires

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

0 - Etkisi Yok, 1 - En Düşük, 2 - Düşük, 3 - Orta, 4 - Yüksek, 5 - En Yüksek

1. Year - 1. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7Py8Py9Py10Py11Py12Py13Py14Py15
Scientific Research Techniques and Publishing Ethics444445545435125
Tourism, Society and Culture544 3 4 44 4544
Entrepreneurship and Historical Development333333333334114
Rural Tourism Entrepreneurship543555444333115
Entrepreneurship Legislation and Supports443444343435114
Innovation Processes and Management544 3 4 44 4544
Entrepreneurship and Business Plan553533555524145
Sustainability Management in Tourism Enterprises553533555524145
International Marketing and Innovation444544444354  4
Financing of Entrepreneurship553533555524145
International Tourism and Competition5444444 44444 4
Economics of Innovation444544444354  4
Family Business Management443333422423213
management and organization443333422423213
Specialization Field Course554455533555115
1. Year - 2. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7Py8Py9Py10Py11Py12Py13Py14Py15
Seminar 53533555524145
Qualitative Research Methods553533555524145
Quantitative Research Methods553533555524145
Asset Management553533555524145
Interdisciplinary Approaches in Innovation553533555524145
Innovative Thinking and Strategic Management443433322544114
Business Budgets and Financing553533555524145
Project Management and Finance54443 414424544
Innovation Systems and Country Experiences553533555524145
Service Marketing Management and Innovation553533 55524145
Innovation Management in the Digital Age443343311423113
World Economy and Globalization444544444354124
Organization Theory553533555524145
Business Models553533555524145
Specialization Field Course425444534433115
2. Year - 1. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7Py8Py9Py10Py11Py12Py13Py14Py15
Specialization Field Course554455533555115
2. Year - 2. Term
Ders AdıPy1Py2Py3Py4Py5Py6Py7Py8Py9Py10Py11Py12Py13Py14Py15
Specialization Field Course554455533555115

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